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a (really cool) city guide in ur pocket

curated tour experiences

citywide events

based on your interests

The mobile application is completely free to download, and provides endusers with tour itineraries & citywide events calendar with state of the art navigation. Tours & events are displayed based on "Interest Markers", which the enduser can customize on the spot.

available  for download

tour itineraries

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turn by turn navigation

Tour Itineraries are created from within the CitySwivel Ecosystem; local Santa Fe businesses & non profits ranging from the entertainment industry, food & beverage, hospitality, merchants, plus parks & recreation. What makes it unique is that it is really an experiential blog, in that the tour creator is actually telling a story at each tour point, in first person, with a "Tour Tip" that displays upon arrival.

Tour Tips range in creativity...everything from interesting historical lore, to best parking, as well as hidden extras at exhibits. All told by local experts, who individually & collectively, tell the diverse stories of Santa Fe.

social impact
Our non-profits will create engaging social impact tours that focus on real community service & betterment activities, plus hands on educational & creative projects.
discrimination free zone
Our ecosystem is committed to providing an accommodating, welcoming environment for every "CitySwiveler".
citywide events
Premium events listings, which can be filtered by date range and interests, then saved in the endusers profile. A direct buy ticket link makes it easy to grab tickets. And of course, turn by turn navigation straight to the venue.
exclusive rewards
Endusers will discover a "Key to the City" whenever they arrive at a participating CitySwivel ecosystem location, whether on or off a tour.

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